International Factoring

International Factoring

Cash Flow is the decisive factor for the development and growth of an enterprise. Companies looking only at their earnings and not managing cash flow cannot and will not survive in today’s economy. Only good cash flow allows freedom in strategic decisions.

That is what our Principals, Tradewind GmbH(exDSConcept Factoring GmbH),( ) a Germany based Finance Organization, stand for. They are at the forefront of international trade finance. With excellent connections in international equity markets, they provide liquidity for international trading enterprises.

Servicing the cash flow of the exporters who do not want to be at the mercy of long payment terms or the volatility of their currencies, our Principals assume your receivables and immediately provide the monetary means needed for the proper financial control and strategic asset allocation in an international business climate.

With headquarters in Germany and their network operating on a worldwide basis, our Principals have their fingers on the market’s pulse and continue to grow into new territories along with clients while growing their businesses globally.

Tradewind GmbH provides full service international factoring, collection, credit protection services and trade/PO finance. They provide cash-flow solutions to international businesses and turn obstacles into opportunities.

Full Service Non-Recourse Credit Insured International Factoring

With their full-service factoring program, our Principals custom design cash-flow solution for each client based on your needs. As traditional factors, they purchase your invoices and collect from your customers on invoice maturity date. They provide regular and detailed documentation detailing receipt of your invoices, advances, customer payments. They specialize in non-recourse factoring, so they undertake the non-payment risk (credit protection).

Instant access to cash for your international account receivables(AR)

International AR is a commonly under-utilized asset and international credit risk is magnified in today’s global economic conditions. Our Principals, with their flexible cash-flow solutions and international presence can ensure positive cash flow and enhance your growth and profitability. Your accounts receivable serve as collateral, and loans are made on a percentage of eligible assets pledged. Because your credit is based on the volume and quality of business you’re doing now and in the future, you can count on having immediate access to an expandable source of funds to accommodate growth.

Credit and collection

While you concentrate on growing your business and serving your customers, Our Principals serve as your international credit department by monitoring the credit worthiness of your international customers, assuming full credit risk on approved sales, and performing your bookkeeping and collection work.